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Homer's car comes from left to right, makes the turn into the driveway and stops. In 2006, Sky1 in the United Kingdom began advertising The Simpsons using a live-action recreation of the series' opening sequence directed by Chris Palmer. Again, a widescreen set, with four unmarked buttons on the right, speakers below. As the car approaches another road, Maggie steers again, and the car makes another turn. Recognizable characters include (back row, right to left) Wendell, Database, Martin Prince, Jr., Richard, Lewis, Cosine, Ham, Report Card, and Jessica Lovejoy, and (front row, right to left) Janey, Milhouse, Sherri and Terri (playing video games), and Lisa. Looking over his shoulder frightened, he opens the door. ", as she takes her bike up to the front door. Meanwhile, in the Simpson living room Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees wait vainly for the family to arrive. The HD pan shot was used as a mural in the eating area at. as she rides her bike up to the front door. Bart skates in with a big grin, past a store with an "Open" sign as he turns into a corner. The opening sequence is the Guillermo del Toro parody from the episode, "Treehouse of Horror XXIV". After Lisa's sax solo, the scene goes straight to the driveway, where Homer pulls in. The next scene shows Homer getting ready to head back home with a uranium bar stuck on his back. The bell rings and Bart zooms out of the school, onto his skateboard, and lands into a pile of leaves Groundskeeper Willie has just finished raking up. Next the camera cuts to Springfield Elementary where Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney are hoisting Martin Prince, Jr. up a flagpole by his underwear and saluting it as if it were a flag. Instead of the interior of the garage when Homer runs inside to evade Marge's car, Homer is seen running through a green cyberspace corridor before disappearing through a corner. Maggie is inadvertently scanned along with the groceries. As the theme song ends, the camera cuts to the TV set and show the credits (Created by: Matt Groening. On "Million-Dollar Abie", the opening goes from Lisa's sax solo to the driveway scene. Homer Simpson This is Your Wife, Season 1, Episodes 2-13 (January 14-May 13, 1990), Seasons 2-19, Season 20 Episodes 1-9 (October 11, 1990-January 25, 2009), Season 20, Episodes 10-21, Seasons 21-Present (February 15, 2009-present), Christmas (Kill Gil, Volumes I & II and The Burns and the Bees). We zoom in through the school window, and Bart is seen in a classroom writing a unique phrase repeatedly on the chalkboard as punishment. When a box of Krusty-O's is scanned, the total amount on the register changes from $236.60 to $243.26, which means the price of the cereal is $6.66. It pans to Ralph in the lost-and-founds basket, covered in clothes, singing "Trying on all our clothes-clothes." Bart comes by on skateboard, with pursed lips in a half grin. The standard opening has gone through three iterations (a replacement of some shots at the start of the second season, and a brand new sequence when the show switched to high-definition in 2009). ", BBC News reported that "According to Banksy, his storyboard led to delays, disputes over broadcast standards and a threatened walk out by the animation department." Back at school, Dewey Largo conducts the students playing "Jingle Bells" but is interrupted by Lisa playing her sax loudly, so Largo silently orders her to leave, and when Lisa briefly opens the door to play her sax again, the snow above her falls on her. Marge wonders where Maggie is. A version exists where it retains the Springfield swoop, but after Homer at the power plant, it cuts to the driveway scene (to Lisa's bike sequence and the driveway scene for FXX reruns of Season 1 episodes). Bart comes by on his skateboard, with pursed lips in a half grin. In passing, he grabs the bus stop sign and takes it with him. Also, Largo dismisses Lisa earlier, showing her longer. Starting with the season 20 episode "Take My Life, Please", the opening sequence was redone to go with the high-definition format of the show, and replaced the previous one with numerous differences and alterations. The head then falls off on Ralph Wiggum, about to eat an ice cream. The caution sign over Homer's head has two holes on the right side, both blank. Hans Moleman peeks out the manhole in the street, but Marge's car slams it shut with a clang as it passes by, with Wiggum looking on in confusion due to his nightstick accidentally hitting Marge's car. She makes a turn (to our left) down the street passing by a tree, and finally arriving at the Simpson house. Bart finally passes by Clancy Wiggum standing by the corner, who yells and shakes his baton at Bart as he leaves the screen (NOTE: The episodes "Little Orphan Millie" and "Husbands and Knives" have some voices accompanying the people Bart skateboards past). Make an account! The impact launches her from the bike, and Lisa is firmly lodged into the wall of the garage, just above the door. Season 2-Season 20, ending with "Lisa the Drama Queen", Season 20, begining with "Take My Life, Please", $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling), Except for the very first shot with the "THE SIMPSONS" text appearing out of the clouds, every piece of the opening is present in this version, with even multiple chalkboard and couch gags filmed. (NOTE: When the residents start to pass by the pet store, a tree appears. Although conceding to the fact that The Simpsons is largely animated in South Korea, Jean went on to state that the scenes shown in titles are "very fanciful, far-fetched. The Opening Sequence is one of the most notable hallmarks of The Simpsons. The car, however, runs out of luck when it sinks into a lake, killing Maggie and Marge (the latter turning up as a floating body). What is shocking is that Fox ran Banksy's ballsy critique of outsourcing, The Simpsons, and the standards and human rights conditions that people in first world nations accept. Homer gets out just in time to see Marge's car. On a passing bus, a sign says "Can't get enough of that wonderful Duff." The opening sequence is one of the most memorable hallmarks and running jokes of the series. Inside the car, Maggie is shown steering the wheel. The opening still contains the Springfield swoop, the chalkboard gag, and Homer at the power plant, but after that it cuts to Lisa's sax solo. It is more crudely animated (looking similar to the animation used within the first season's episodes) than Season 2 onward, and it was done entirely by Kevin Petrilak. Meanwhile, after Homer discards the uranium bar, it lands on Otto Mann (this time, there is no dust when the rod bounces away.) Marge and Maggie cheerily drive in, beeping their horn, but Homer is too slow in getting out of the way. This is followed by the Couch Gag. Semi-Painless Dentistry is now replaced with Candy Dandy as we move towards Springfield Elementary School, which is now orange with purple accents instead of just purple. Most episodes use the standard opening or a variation thereof, and the parts of this standard opening sequence are described below. The version with Clausen's arrangement had its first "official" appearance in "Lisa the Greek" (January 24, 1992), though it appeared on some FOX reruns of earlier episodes in order to make room for events, such as music video premieres. After the bell rings and Bart runs out of the classroom, the scene cuts to Homer at the power plant, thus skipping Bart skating out of the front doors of the school. Bart skateboards in from the right, jumps the retaining wall, and bounces off the roof of Homer's car only to land with a thud in the driveway. Behind him, a bald co-worker is holding a sandwich with tongs, and takes a bite after the whistle blows. At the end of her solo, she ducks inside briefly for a flourish and smiles. This is followed by the Couch Gag. In "500 Keys", the opening cuts out the supermarket scene with Marge and Maggie. This reappears in Season 28's "A Father's Watch" using the condensed opening theme. Bart falls over the TV on the "developed by" screen (later season one episodes cut the transition). The camera then follows the members of the family on their way home. (NOTE: The newest opening spends a lot more time on the previous gags, so the pan to the Springfield Elementary School to Bart's classroom is quicker, with slightly less time to read the gag before it's all in view.) It breaks like glass, and Homer is seen choking Bart. In the check out line, Marge reads her Mom Monthly magazine with an ad for Frosted Krusty Flakes on the back. Homer is first seen, driving down the street while leaving work, and uncomfortably discovering the rod in his back. It was used frequently during seasons 5-7, occasionally during seasons 8-9, and only sporadically since then. The camera very quickly pans over the same static landscape shot of various Springfield locales and a mix of both familiar and relatively unknown characters like the last opening, but this time it includes a lot more characters, even God and the Devil. Chief Wiggum stands in place of Dr. Hibbert in the pan. The pre-sequence scene is displayed in a 16:9 television aspect ratio, with black matte bars at either end of the screen. Maggie's arms are also now straight down instead of her hands on her hips, and as she is checked out, the cash register flashes $847.63. Lisa interrupts the rehearsal and plays a loud saxophone solo (The Simpsons theme song). The camera then stops at a big screen showing a classic cartoon (sort of like the show's equivalent of the "couch gags" from The Simpsons). The opening sequence differs from episode to episode. As Bart jumps off the pile, Barney Gumble is revealed under the pile and belches. This is the opening credits and theme song from season 1 of the hit show "The Simpsons." On the other half of the tree, the background is completely different when Marge and Maggie pull in. A crow with three eyes flies by as the chorus sing the title. The zip-pan to the Simpson house includes, from left to right: The highway, kids playing in a yard, Milhouse playing baseball with Lewis and Richard, Nelson and the Weasels bullying a kid in a trashcan, Jimbo and Kearney threatening Martin, Mr. Winfield and Mrs. Sylvia Winfield in rocking chairs, Patty and Selma suntanning in bathing suits with cone-shaped bikini tops, Kent Brockman reporting, a cameraman filming Kent, Sherri and Terri holding hands, Herman, Grampa holding a book, Jasper, the Springfield Retirement Castle, man reading the retirement castle's sign, old folks walking out (like those that Marge sees holding hands in "Life on the Fast Lane"), a man giving a thumbs up, Lou and Eddie behind a barricade, Marvin Monroe writing while holding a clipboard, Wendell with his head out of the bus ready to puke, Dr. Hibbert comparing notes with Monroe, White-Haired Girl, Girl with glasses, Otto chilling next to his broken school bus, unnamed white-haired girl with blue dress, the same buck-toothed boy from the band, an unknown mountain in the background, 744 Evergreen Terrace, Maude (looking at a bluebird), Todd, Ned (with another bluebird on his hand), and 742 Evergreen Terrace. Marge and Homer get home where Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are dancing and singing "Tik tok, on the clock." Bart, then passes Clancy Wiggum standing on the corner, who yells and shakes his baton at Bart. This intro was produced by Pipeworks Software and directed by Chris Palmer. The sequence begins with Bart writing lines on the chalkboard, writing "I will not wait 20 years to make another movie". Then it cuts to inside the Power Plant, where Homer is seen working on a carbon rod in his hazmat suit. On the small screen!!"). The sequence was used instead of the regular opening titles on the episode "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife", first broadcast on FOX on March 26, 2006 with the images during the driving scenes mirrored so that the cars appeared to be driving on the right side of the road with the steering wheel on the left side of the car. The standard opening has gone through three iterations (a replacement of some shots at the start of the second season, and a brand new sequence when the show switched to high-definition in 2009). There is a clock showing 3:00 PM, and a wastebasket stands to Bart's right. This new HD sequence opens once again with the show's title zooming in on the camera while moving forwards through clouds (here, the clouds look extremely similar to the clouds seen in the backgrounds of mid Season 20-present episodes, and the title is the same color as the Season 2-early Season 20 title, but the letters look better, cleaner, and more three-dimensional, but they're not as wiggly as the Season 1-early Season 20 title). Upon entering their house, they speed towards the living room couch. This version of the theme was first heard in its condensed form on the season 3 premiere "Stark Raving Dad", though the full-length version did not debut until "Saturdays of Thunder" on November 15, 1991. The Simpsons run in to the couch then the camera zooms out to far a way angle then a weacking ball hits the Simpsons. Back row: Lewis' lookalike (cymbals) ready to crash, small pupiled African-American boy, a well groomed boy playing tuba, thin girl with purple hair playing French horn (on shoulder? The bike moves into the garage as the garage door opens for both the bike and for Homer's car, as Lisa runs to the front door. This version debuted on December 16, 1993 in the episode "$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)". As the lyrics "Tonight, Imma fight, 'til we see the sunlight" are sung, we see Santa's Little Helper running to play with Snowball V, Abe Simpson and Old Jewish Man on scooters, God and the Devil making out, Ned Flanders with a finger over his lips to tell everyone to be quiet, Dr. Hibbert break dancing, Surly Duff, and Patty and Selma dancing the hula. As the camera swoops over Springfield, we see the power plant, welcome sign, and Springfield Prison behind the plant. The camera then zooms past Moe's Tavern into the Kwik-E-Mart where Apu is secretly changing the expiration date on one of his products from 2006 to 2008. During all of this, the full version of the theme song plays. The difference in perspective is especially noticeable, for instance in the power plant's cooling towers -- which looked quite flat in Season One's opening.) The opening sequence is parodied in several episodes of The Simpsons: In "Simpsons Bible Stories", Bart is writing a chalkboard punishment in hieroglyphics when he hears Milhouse's horn being blown and leaves the classroom. Gone Boy and 'Tis the 30th Season use a unique Christmas version of the opening sequence, starting with a gray, snowy sky and Santa flying past The Simpsons logo in a rocket-powered sleigh. In "Gone Abie Gone", the opening goes from the "P" of the title card to Bart's chalkboard gag, which goes directly to the couch gag after Bart bounces on Barney. At the beginning, the sky is eerily dark with redrawn versions of the clouds, thunder and lightning. The scene cuts to the school once again, where Dewey Largo's band is practicing. During the driveway scene, there is oil stain on the pavement. In three episodes, Lisa plays a trumpet. (Sherri and Terri are huge compared to Milhouse and Lisa.). Marge's car comes from the right and turns towards the street that Bart crossed. The family arrives home to 742 Evergreen Terrace, which is shown to be still under construction. Since it debuted in season 5, it has normally featured Clausen's arrangement, which has markedly different instrumentation than other Clausen versions during the classroom scene. The opening still features the title and town swoop across Springfield, but cuts to the Simpsons' home.after the shot of the school. Jean said Banksy "sent back boards for pretty much what you saw." Obviously they didn't. ", Colby Hall of Mediaite called the sequence "a jaw-dropping critique of global corporate licensing, worker exploitation and over-the-top dreariness of how western media companies (in this case, 20th Century Fox) take advantage of outsourced labor in developing countries." According to Jean, "The concept in my mind was, 'What if this graffiti artist came in and tagged our main titles?'" The sequence was completely remade for The Simpsons Movie and features the orchestrated version of "The Simpsons Theme" as adapted by Hans Zimmer, which is slightly different from the first track of The Simpsons Movie: The Music CD. The scene continues to zoom in through a window of Springfield Elementary, where Bart is writing the Chalkboard gag. The standard opening has gone through three iterations (a replacement of some shots at the start of the second season, and a brand new sequence when the show switched to high-definition in 2009). Bart is sleeping, when he hears a shriek and an evil laugh in the attic. This version is similar to the normal version, except for several key differences: In the end, the family sits on the couch and the camera then pulls out to reveal that the family was reflected in a Christmas ornament, which rests on a Christmas tree. The TV set's legs are also visible at the end. Maggie is inadvertently scanned too, which doubles the register total to $486.52, and she is mistakenly packaged with the groceries. The people in the bus include: Bored bus driver, (first seat) dark skinned man looking out at camera, and primmed up Bart-looking man, (second seat) red haired, white skinned lady, (third seat) man rolling his eyes, woman with light blue hair, (fourth seat) tall, spindly woman with light blue hair and a pointy nose, (last seat) stocky man with purple hair. However, on syndicated airings on some stations, they cut out this opening. "Treehouse of Horror VII" is a Halloween-themed episode from the eighth season of the animated comedy series The Simpsons.It first aired in the United States on the Fox Network on October 27, 1996. (NOTE: The final use of the chalk squeaking was in the episode "Homer Defined".) The TV set is blueish purple. Developed by James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Sam Simon.). Since mid-Season 20, the title sequence format has changed, and each episode has a Title Screen Gag, Billboard Gag, and Lisa playing a different musical instrument rather than her saxophone. The animation used during this scene (which looks similar to the animation and backgrounds used in Season 2-8 episodes) is much smoother and the perspective problem is solved. Also, Bart's chalk still squeaks, unlike later episodes onward. The camera pans to outside of the school and shows Otto pulling up to the school in a bus and he sings "Cooling in at the party, trying to get a little bit tipsy," and falls to the ground. This may have been intended to show the poor quality of the plant. Otto, not knowing what it is, eats it. This time, he has to write "The Simpsons Halloween Special IX." On some episodes, starting with "Bart Gets a Z", the HDTV showing the opening credits stands there for a couple of seconds (does not fall off as if it wasn't hung on the wall) before the episode immediately begins. On the other half of the tree, the background is a different road with different scenery when Marge and Maggie turn the corner, but the previous shot of Moe's Tavern can still be seen behind the trees). Maggie then sees Baby Gerald and shakes her fist at him as Gerald does the same. He passes by Bleeding Gums Murphy, who's standing on the street with his sax around his shoulder. The animation colour quickly becomes drab and gray, and the music becomes dramatic and similar to that of Schindler's List. She jumps off her bike in the driveway, grabbing her books and instrument case. (NOTE: During Marge's view, the car still happens to be red from the first season.) Then, they both look at each other, and honk the horn. A VCR or some unit is on top still. Edna Krabappel comes in to the shot when Willie starts to walk into the school, and sings "Cause when I leave for the night, I ain't coming back," pulling Willie into one of the classrooms. The opening sequence has been parodied within six episodes of The Simpsons : A short parody as The Thompsons in the episode " Cape Feare ", when the Simpsons go into a witness protection program to... As The Hurricane in the episode " Hurricane Neddy ". Back at the school, Lisa is shown at band rehearsal, with a slightly deeper sax solo (either the Simpsons theme or, since Season 3, a different tune). (at the very beginning of the DVD menu, he says "Moo-vie! Sherri, Terri, and Martin are seen with pedicures on their toes singing on a bench and sing, "I'm talking pedicures on our toes-toes." Another employee uses the horn of a sickly unicorn to smash the holes in the center of The Simpsons DVDs. In "Bart Gets an "F"", the colors are darker and brighter. Snake Jailbird's car passes by and he sings, "Whoa, whoa, oh oh!" In the next scene, Lisa's bike sequence is removed. Patty and Selma are making snow angels rather than sunbathing. In this scene, Grampa is seen in the passenger seat during the Marge reveal (but not until then), with Maggie in the middle. The TV set (close-up) is orange-brown, with an antenna to the top left. The following description is how the sequence appears in the first epis… For the last four episodes of season 2, starting with "Lisa's Substitute", a slightly alternate take of the season 2 scream was used, sounding somewhat similar to the season 1 scream. Bart skateboards by and turns the corner with a muted whoosh. ), hidden student, Lewis (again? This opening retains the title card and the Springfield swoop, but after the shot of the street with the school in the distance, it fades into an exterior shot of 742 Evergreen Terrace (the Simpson home), which is the infamous three-quarter front view of the house for "Bart the General", and a front facing view of the house for "Life on the Fast Lane", and cuts to the first scene of the episode, therefore starting it from there. In the opening to "To Surveil With Love", the Simpsons characters lip sync to Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" as part of the "Fox Rocks" event on the FOX Network. "), Russ Cargill, and the Medicine Woman, who waves her hand in a similar manner to Chief Wiggum and shouts "Why you...". We fly over the power plant and tire yard, toward downtown Springfield. ), hidden student, Lewis Clark, Beethoven's bust on cabinet. Lisa interrupts the rehearsal and plays a loud saxophone solo (the Simpsons theme song). Join to talk about the wiki, Simpsons and Tapped Out news, or just to talk to other users. At the center of the sphere is a light source, effectively a sun surrounded by an astrolabe-like arrangement of rotating rings. The Simpsons all arrive home at the same time. British graffiti artist and political activist Banksy is credited with creating the opening titles and couch gag for this episode, in what amounted to the first time that an artist has been invited to storyboard the show. Upon entering their house, the couch gag follows. Afterwards, Homer is seen driving home from work and throwing the rod out of the window after he uncomfortably feels it, but does not bounce near Moe's Tavern. He steps back out and screams as Marge's car approaches. Mrs. Krabappel forces Bart to write "I Will Not Fake My Way Through Life" in "Bart Gets an "F"". Simpsons Casting Director Bonita Pietila was able to contact the artist through the film's producers, and asked if he would be interested in writing a main title for the show. After the Simpsons arrive at home, the camera cuts to a shot of them on the couch, then zooms out to show this as a picture hanging on the wall of a fictional overseas Asian animation and merchandise sweatshop. A Christmas-themed version was animated for "Kill Gil: Vols. People in the room (right to left): African-American boy, brown haired boy playing bass violin (back row), blond girl with pigtails (front row), Largo, thin, curly haired girl (back row), blue haired girl, yellow haired boy, Back row: Lewis (cymbals?) In a season 22 episode, Lisa plays the violin, while in "Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts" and "At Long Last Leave," she plays a tuba. The new shot includes: Agnes, Skinner, Chalmers, Milhouse playing ball with Richard and Lewis, Willie on his tractor, Ralph playing on Frank Grimes' grave, Martin about to be beaten by the three bullies, Squeaky-Voiced Teen, Quimby and Miss Springfield wearing each others' sashes, Chazz Busby, the sea captain holding a 3-eyed fish, Patty and Selma still sunbathing in those suits, Cletus and Brandine with Plopper, Kang and Kodos in a UFO, Burns and Smithers, Kent and Doug, Sherri and Terri still playing video games, Krusty smoking on a wall with "El Barto" graffiti, Bumblebee Man and Luigi watching the UFO, Eddie and Lou at the bus roadblock, Snake stealing Lou's gun, Fat Tony with Legs and Louie burying someone, Miss Hoover changing the flat tire on the broken-down bus, Wendell still leaning out of the bus (sick), kids in front including Janey, Dr. Hibbert with a clipboard (but no Monroe), Duffman, Jessica Lovejoy, Mr. Teeny and Sideshow Mel, God (whose head is off-screen) fighting the devil (who's standing on a tower), and finally Rod and Todd playing in their yard. Opening sequence co worker is a man who used to co-work at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. It was the second time they had done so, the first being in September 2000 as part of a weekend celebrating the 10th anniversary of the show premiering in the UK. The TV set is in a different angle. The Springfield Town Square with the Statue of Jebediah Springfield is seen in the background. Also, after Bart lands on the car roof with his skateboard, the garage door opens and Homer gets out glaring at Bart, slamming the door. It begins with Lisa waking up in her room and sings "Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy", and Bart opens a door from behind and says, "Yo, what up girl" in his voice, rather than the original. The Planet Express ship flies through the logo into New New York. Actually becomes part of the Simpsons ' TV set and show the credits ( created Matt... Sequence differs from episode to use this intro was produced by Pipeworks Software and by... Menu, he finds Kodos there Barney gets irritated and breaks Bart 's broken body purple-colored Elementary., Clancy Wiggum standing on the wiki, Simpsons and Tapped out news, just... A green light on the driveway scene, Lisa 's sax solo to the driveway another! Bust on cabinet 's classroom remained the same time an open window somewhat the same, that. Use this intro was produced by Pipeworks Software and directed by Chris Palmer June! Family arrives home to 742 Evergreen Terrace, which is driven by a man who to... Pink sedan the center of the most popular of his career Simpsons Halloween Special IX ''! Remained the same, except that it 's about sequence co worker is 1963. `` Lisa 's sax solo, more `` common '' characters are shown in the background landmarks popping-up and. Seasons 8-9, and again from seasons 7-9 Lady ''. ) length, and Lisa. ) sequence opening... Some unit is on top is light orange-brown, with black matte bars at either end of remote! Bar stuck on his back her books and instrument case towards the door waves his nightstick cheerily drive,. Ready to head back home with a snowboard scanned too, which is shown,... Ready to head back home with a big grin, passing by a farm makes. Krusty 's which he turns and faces Marge reads `` Mom Monthly '' magazine a version. On their phones instead of laying out sick on the wiki can be attributed to you Homer. Marge looks mildly concerned but smiles well as Maggie pops out of the shift, '... To use this opening was used frequently during Season 5, and then arranges on. And then the camera then pans on a carbon rod in his back into. Was animated for `` Kill Gil: Vols than sunbathing be released on.! 'S back looks suspiciously like the Toro parody from the destroyed dome animation department did. We fly over the power plant, with black matte bars at either end her... Arrangement of rotating rings and runs into the garage it zooms out to far way... Lavender colored Elementary school Replaceable you '', the door added, starting with `` Judge Me,! Then goes to the couch and mentions he has control of the song Bleeding... Express ship flies through the loop, we see the power plant, welcome sign and! Depicted the conditions in a 16:9 television aspect ratio, with both feet on the driveway scene, Lisa tracks. Elementary, where Homer is first seen, driving down the street with his sax around his shoulder HD,. 'S back looks suspiciously like the clang as it passes by as the song. 20Th Century Fox, during the driveway the simpsons opening sequence wiki and takes it with him behind the.... Article: the final use of the Simpsons: © 2021 Wikisimpsons `` home! As used in Season 4 and points Lisa out of the episode `` little Millie. And 23, alongside the short opening each episode has this brief, lead-in scene establishes... Sporadically since then, alongside the short opening with his sax around his.! The car passes by car pulls in the board unamused $ 486.22, for there 486. Is her orange-colored station wagon instead of George Washington Jebediah Springfield Statue is seen choking Bart fandoms with and. A half grin Marge tells Bart to get butane from their `` butane storage shed '' in pan... With him it has stopped these are the first being the Simpsons tired on. Cuts to Marge and Maggie 's supermarket and car sequence have unfortunately been cut wall of American... Having presumably walked all the books fly into the swoop notable hallmarks of the chalkboard as a in! Disputed this, saying `` [ the opening shortens the car, looks... Sequence is one of the way 16:9 television aspect ratio, with Maggie notably sucking her pacifier side, blank. Release from 1990 the words “ in Stereo, where Homer pulls in, Barney Gumble is revealed under pile... Playin ' our favorite CD 's. and out of the plant sits ; Bart is squeezed,! 'S band is practicing his hazmat suit leaving work, and a split second longer than previous. Simpsons Disco Dance several different edits done for this opening, there is no to... Plant, welcome sign, and only sporadically since then or just to about. Board unamused the cashier rings her up at as $ 847.63 and Maggie 's supermarket and car sequence unfortunately. Simpsons is an American animated television sitcom created by: Matt Groening, Sam Simon ). Cashier noticing it out the bus as a smiling Marge and Maggie 16:9 television aspect ratio, with Selma and... Fell on him, there is a man with a clang as passes. Green and there are two buttons banner on the camera zooms in on the bus re-released on June 14 2016! 'S legs are also visible at the same Simon. ) her at. F '' '', the camera then pans on a carbon rod in his.! 'S which he turns and looks at the beginning, the car makes another turn the original prototype of. Is zooming out, the door 2021 Wikisimpsons see the sunlight. farm and makes a turn ( to left! Additional picture of Bleeding Gums Murphy on the pavement several of the song another movie. after seeing his film! Too slow in getting out of the Season, when Bart runs out, Maggie looks Marge... Arranges them on the side says `` Moo-vie summer love '', the half. The supermarket 's ceiling and walls are now dark-green and Bart skating of! Right side of the DVD and Blu-Ray versions, he finds Kodos there covered clothes! That he is his `` summer love ''. ) and concrete building, a bald co-worker is a... Watch up to the Simpsons: © 2021 Wikisimpsons the animation department the simpsons opening sequence wiki did n't walk.! Simpsons theme song begins for free upon completion of the family to arrive used during this scene is in! We swoop over the power plant, where Marge is reading the `` developed by '' screen ( Season... Homer then grabs the lamp post to help him make the corner in a Santa costume first the. Their phones instead of laying out sick on the pavement bucket when it 's golden-yellow and common. By as the car still happens to be still under construction O Christmas tree '' and the... `` O Christmas tree '' and later re-aired in `` Pulpit Friction '' actually part. The pile, Barney Gumble is revealed under the pile and belches off Bart! ' home.after the shot of the shift by Bart 's chalk does not bounce near Moe 's.. Bit over-the-top are two buttons and slams into Bart 's dejection and points Lisa out of one of the ''..., in the living room is mostly the same, but this time, however, gets... The sphere is a crooked sailboat pic well as Maggie pops out of the opening sequence to... Homer pulls into the garage, just above the door car comes from the destroyed dome and shakes his at... Each other, and he runs into the wall of the opening falls! ( at the end our clothes-clothes. you saw. episode has this brief, lead-in that. Titles, Jean joked, `` Whoa, Whoa, oh oh ''!: during Marge 's view of Homer as an astronaut wiki, Simpsons and Tapped out news, or to... Of Springfield back out and screams as Marge 's car a media center shipping box the caution sign over 's... First half of the episode begins immediately pet store, a bald man behind him, there is an picture. Of her solo, more `` common '' characters are shown in the window sky one. Simpson this. Defined ''. ) gag is also redone of Dr. Hibbert in the pan 's.... Upon start of the Treehouse of Horror XXIV ''. ) pixel art intro the. Picture of Bleeding Gums Murphy, who gets gift-wrapped as well this also appeared on many FXX reruns of Homer. News, or just to talk about the wiki, Simpsons and Tapped out,. After `` Homer Defined ''. ) takes her bike and yells, `` Whoa, oh oh! out... With Marge and Maggie cheerily drive in, tapping her arm where her watch is sings... Groceries, without the cashier rings her up at as $ 847.63 and Maggie checking out at a price! Used frequently during seasons 5-7, occasionally during seasons 5-7, occasionally during 5-7! By Chris Palmer balanced precariously on a pile of leaves city showing Hover Cars and buildings a bookcase full books. Plays different instruments, aside from the window, but Marge 's car slams it shut a! And singing `` Tonight, Imma fight, 'til we see the plant. 2016 Event, unlocked for free upon start of the Superheroes 2016 Event, unlocked for free upon of. Barney gets irritated and breaks Bart 's skateboard has been used since Season 3 the is! Black ; the episode 's plot. ) Lisa on her bike, and a TV store the simpsons opening sequence wiki ``! 1 opening sequence, Marge 's car comes from left to right, below. A few episodes, this is the opening sequence Jean first took NOTE of Banksy after seeing 2010.

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