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The physical or chemical process by which a substance in one state becomes incorporated into and retained by another substan… insulin, adrenaline, testosterone, etc. It is a kind of coloured powder, It is mixed with liquids make paint. hydrogen electrode, § Standard cell potential - the difference between the Eθ values of [solute in solvent B], § Entropy - measure of dispersal of energy at a specific I know that writing content is time consuming and boring. The organic acids which are constituents of all proteins in living organism. It makes water safe to drink. It is the treatment of diseased by the administration of chemicals. each ion in a saturated solution of a sparingly soluble salt at Group of atoms in particular combinations capable of free existence under special condition, usually for very short periods. A Branch of science which deals with the structure,properties constituents and change which takes place is known as chemistry. antibiotics, antiseptics and disinfectant. Here List of Basic Chemistry Element Terms and Definitions-, Hello. Atom – smallest particle of an element. § Fuel cell - electrochemical cell in which a fuel gives up electrons Water that does not lather easily with soap, and that produces ‘fur’ or scale’ in kettles, it is caused by the presence of certain salts of calcium and magnesium. Ali compounds that are obtained from the earth’s crust. e.g. absorbance absorption 1. concentration at 25°C and at 1 atmospheric pressure, § Standard reduction potential - a measure of a half cell's Compound – a substance consists two or more elements that are chemically bonded (molecule or ions). Chemistry definition, the science that deals with the composition and properties of substances and various elementary forms of matter. in water It is a unit for measuring the dose of radiation. From the textbook Physical Science, (Glencoe Science made) Chapters 15-21 excluding 18. § Solubility product, Ksp - the product of the concentrations of § ∆Sθtotal = Sθsystem + Sθsurroundings, Defn list - Definition list for CIE A-Level Chemistry 9701, Copyright © 2021 StudeerSnel B.V., Keizersgracht 424, 1016 GC Amsterdam, KVK: 56829787, BTW: NL852321363B01, Share your documents to get free Premium access, Upgrade to Premium to read the full document, Definition list for CIE A-Level Chemistry 9701, 129608288 Investments Solution Manual Bodie Kane Marcus Mohanty, Case 16 - Tesla Motors in 2016 Will Its Strategy be Defeated by Low Gasoline Prices and Mounting Competition, Tutorial Chapter 2 & 3 - Practical for revision for final exam, Assignment 1 CHE142 - just simple tutorial, Course Plan 202001 IC S - foundation - Inorganic Chemistry, Gun past Year try - Just a homework that i completed. By extrapolating the ideal gas law, the internationally agreed-upon value for absolute zero has been determined as −273.15 °C (−459.67 °F; 0.00 K). These are the full set of keywords and definitions for OCR (A) A-level Chemistry. The process of removing dissolved salts, mainly sodium chloride, from seawater and brackish water to yield potable water for human consumption. § Electrode - a rod which conducts electricity to and from the It is metal prepared by adding other metals or non-metals to obtain desired properties. 22. It is a mixture of hydrocarbon of low molecular weight obtained either from coal tar, petroleum or shale oil. It is called carbamide, it is a white crystalline organic compound with m.p. It is a gas used in chemical warfare which is especially damaging to the nervous and respiratory systems. § Weak acid/base - weak electrolytes that dissociate partially in It is used a sin incendiary weapon with wide destructive power as it sticks to the target while burning. when an electric current passes through an electrolyte cane sugar, glucose, starch, etc. A colourless, odourless, tasteless, non-metallic, gaseous element. Thank you for visiting! A method by which metals are separated from their original ore. A form of air pollution, dark, thick dust laden sulphurous fog that pollutes the atmosphere in industrial cities. CHEMISTRY TERMINOLOGY, DEFINITIONS & LAWS ORGANIC Homologous series – A series of similar compounds which have the same functional group and whose consecutive members differ by – CH 2 Functional group – This is an atom or a group of atoms that form the centre of chemical activity in See more. Very small solid particles suspended in air. tries 1. Definition of chemistry. water, § Acid-base indicator - a dye or mixture of dyes that changes DEFINITION AND FORMULA LIST (I) PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LATTICE ENERGY DEFINITIONS § Lattice energy, Hlattθ - the enthalpy change when 1 mole of an. A solution which is made by the action of bacteria on wine or cider. This is not an exhaustive list but contains all the ones that have come up in … These are medicinal compounds producedsd by moulds and bacteria, capable of destroying or preventing the growth of bacteria in animal system. [!!][!! § For not saturated (can dissolve), Ksp > [My+(aq)]x[Xx-(aq)]y when 1 mole of a specified gaseous ion dissolves in sufficient These are salts used to soften hard water. Chemistry is the science that tells us what things and people are made of; for example, that water is really H2O, two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. It is a useful variety of a rock-forming mineral which is fibrous, very heat-resistant and chemically inert. § In weak acid, Ka = Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. A white, tasteless powder used as a mild laxative and antacid. 23. A compound of oxygen and another element,, frequently produced by burning the element or a compound of it in air on oxygen. A chemical change brought about in organic substance by the enzymatic action of living organism such as yeast and bacteria. a chemistry … A colourless, flammable alcohol whose boiling point is 780 C. Ethanol is the alcohol contained in alcohol drinks. An abbreviated form of sodium (Na) palmitate. A mixture of cement, sand and water used to bind together bricks and stones. It is an extremely powerful drug that causes distortions in thinking and feeling. A chemical process of improving the physical properties of natural rubber by heating it with sulphur. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), 1952 से अब तक की मिस यूनिवर्स विजेताओं की सूची, घटना चक्र GS प्वाइंटर आधुनिक भारत का इतिहास PDF Download, List of Glossary of Physics Terms and Description, List of Glossary of Zoology Terms and Definition, Most Famous Scientific Instruments and their Usage, List of Important Biology Terms and Definitions, रसायन विज्ञान और भौतिक विज्ञान के प्रमुख नियम एवं सिद्धांत, Basic Chemistry Element Terms and Definitions, List of Important Botany Terms and Description, Cell Structure- The Structure and Function of cell Organelles, रासायनिक पदार्थो के व्यापारिक नाम और रासायनिक सूत्र, 04 April 2019 Current Affairs – Daily Current Affairs in Hindi, 03 April 2019 Current Affairs – Daily Current Affairs in Hindi, 02 April 2019 Current Affairs – Daily Current Affairs in Hindi, 01 April 2019 Current Affairs – Daily Current Affairs in Hindi, 31 March 2019 Current Affairs – Daily Current Affairs in Hindi, 30 March 2019 Current Affairs – Daily Current Affairs in Hindi, 28 and 29 March 2019 Current Affairs – Daily Current Affairs in Hindi, 27 March 2019 Current Affairs – Daily Current Affairs in Hindi, 26  March 2019 Current Affairs – Daily Current Affairs in Hindi, 25 March 2019 Current Affairs – Daily Current Affairs in Hindi. It is an elementary particle that is a part of the atoms of all elements except normal hydrogen. § Precipitation when Ksp < [My+(aq)]x[Xx-(aq)]y The crude, unrefined form of iron produced in a blast furnace. Proteins that carry out different metabolic and functional reaction in animals and plants. It is present in the nucleus of the atom along with another particle, Proton. Branch of chemistry that deals with carbon compounds,, in particular the more complex ones. It is a very hard and silvery metal, it is mixed with iron to make cobalt steel. intermolecular force - the sum of all forces between neighboring molecules. temperature/ measure of randomness or disorder of a It is ethanol to which has been added a small amount of methanol to render it unfit to drink. Compound – a substance consists two or more elements that are chemically bonded(molecule or ions). Solution, in chemistry, a homogenous mixture of two or more substances in relative amounts that can be varied continuously up to what is called the limit of solubility. Type of water that easily produces a lot of lather with soap. Find more ways to say chemistry, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Chemicals which are important to the proper working of the body. A method of coating one metal with a thin layer of another metal. A synthetic cleaning agent, it has the ability to emulsify oils and remove dirt. § For saturated solution, Ksp = [My+(aq)]x[Xx-(aq)]y electrolyte § Common ion effect - the reduction in the solubility of a It is a sweetish, colourless liquids and used as a solvent and anaesthetic. proportional to the quantity of electricity passed through the small quantities of acid or alkali are added This is a list of your berry important definitions for STPM Form 6 Chemistry. 2. A thick oil extracted from the oil of mint and used as an antiseptic and anaesthetic. A white crystalline solid which is 550 times sweeter than sugar, but does not have any food value. electrolyte They tend to be complex organic molecules which must be eaten, as in daily products are (Vitamin A) or fruit (Vitamin C). liberated at an electrode during electrolysis is directly absolute zero A theoretical condition concerning a system at the lowest limit of the thermodynamic temperature scale, or zero kelvins, at which the system does not emit or absorb energy (i.e. Another word for chemistry. Capable of being broken down by living organisms, principally bacteria and fungi. A process in which metals are given the required shape by compressing them. Egyptian called black earth as “chemi ” and in early age the study of chemical science was known as chemistry. A substance that sticks two surfaces together. Egyptian called black earth as “chemi ” and in early age the study of chemical science was known as chemistry. It is a colourless, odourless, tasteless gas about one and a half times as heavy as air. Electron ejected with great velocity from a radioactive atom that is undergoing spontaneous disintegration. 2009 A phenomenon in which the addition of a small quantity of a substance enhances the rate of reaction manifold, without the added substance itself being consumed in the course of the reaction. An apparatus that rotates containers at high speeds, creating centrifugal forces. It is used for blasting. Hydrates of magnesium sulphate used in medicines to empty bowels. The addition of chlorine to drinking water and to water used in swimming pools in order to kill dangerous bacteria. A hard material containing over 90 percent calcium and magnesium salts which provides protection against corrosion or decay. Any gem, other than ruby, especially of blue colour due to traces of cobalt present in it. It is iron containing 4 percent chromium to resist rusting. § Generally, pX = -log X Molecule – a group of two or more atoms. Any of a large number of complex organic compounds made up of long chains of amino acids and found in all living organism. A-Z Chemistry definitions for use with A-Level Chemistry Our database of chemistry definitions provides key information and a summary of many chemistry terms, covering them in enough detail to help you fully understand the terms in preparation for your A-Level Chemistry exams. B. mole of unipositive (+1) ions A useful glossary of all the important terms. It is a gel made up of some readily burning hydrocarbon oils and soap. It is also called methyl alcohol or wood spirit. A highly reactive pale-blue gas with a penetrating odour. 298K, raised to the power of their relative concentrations Second, denaturing can mean breaking down the three-dimensional structure of a molecule, such as a … § Electrolyte - the compound that is decomposed So spread the word to your friends about this post and recite the definitions together. It is a special kind of furnace, iron is made inside a blast furnace. all atoms are at rest). It is colourless liquid which burs very easily, it evaporates very quickly. A sugar found in milk and used in some baby foods. It has a slightly lower octune rating than leaded petrol, but has the advantage of not polluting the atmosphere with lead compounds. at one electrode and oxygen gains electrons at the other Chemistry Form 4 Definition List Element – a substance consists of one type of atom. colour over a specific pH range which has an ion in common with the dissolved salt, § Kw = [H+][OH-], at 298K, Kw = 1.0 x 10- single charged ions Light type of coal obtained when coal is heated in the presence of air. The green germ variety of beryl ,One of the most highly prized gemstones. It is the study of the materials that make up our bodies and everything in the world around us. It is a colourless gas which has no smell. Glass containing lead silicate used for optical purposes. It is a dark black viscous hydrocarbon manufactured artificially by heating coal, it is used in coating the surfaces of roads. Things like quantum mechanics, nuclear chemistry, thermodynamics, and kinetics are all types of physical chemistry. First, it can refer to any process used to make ethanol unfit for consumption (denatured alcohol). It is a brown or black tar-like substance, a variety of bitumen, found in a natural state or obtained by evaporating petroleum. A form of calcium sulphate, obtained from gypsum, mixed with water for making casts and moulds. These are organic compounds like benzene which have a strong smell. Conversion of a liquid into vapour without necessarily reaching the boiling point. tendency to accept electron with reference to the standard 133. Organic chemistry is defined as the study of the compounds of carbon. Emission of light by a substance when some radiations fall on it. A colourless, inflammable gas, it is widely used by industry to make organic chemicals, including poly-propylene plastics. Chemistry is the scientific discipline involved with elements and compounds composed of atoms, molecules and ions: their composition, structure, properties, behavior and the changes they undergo during a reaction with other substances. It is present in the nucleus of the hydrogen. Element – a substance consists of one type of atom. Back Titration: A technique of analytical chemistry, used to analyze the concentration of a given … A colourless substance especially used in jams and fruit juices as a preservative. to the number of charges on the ion T Class of organic compounds present in animals and plants. For finals. content (from article directories or other pages from your niche)? It is a common antacid. A natural occurring mineral normally mined for the extraction of metal on a commercial scale. when 1 mole of an ionic solid dissolves in sufficient water to form Common name for a suspension of magnesium hydroxide in water. insoluble - unable to dissolve in a solvent. § Standard electrode potential, Eθ- potential difference between a Basic Chemistry Vocabulary List • absolute temperature: This is a temperature reading made relative to absolute zero. the relative molecular mass (M r) isdefined as the sum of the relative atomic masses of the atoms in the molecularformula.The molar mass (M) of a compound is the relative … It is a substance which does not burn and does not change when it is heated. Chemistry is a branch of science that explores compounds and chemical elements, and how they work together. It is a common insecticide insoluble in water, easily soluble in ethanol and acetone. A white, waxy, crystalline solid obtained from the oil of pepper mints and used in medicine and perfumery. [solute in solvent A] Petrol manufactured without the addition of antiknock. A soft, brownish-black coal in which the texture of original wood can still be seen. Hydrocarbons are compounds containing carbon and hydrogen only. It is a colourless, odourless gas resulting from the incomplete oxidation of carbon, it is poisonous to animal for it bind to haemoglobin more strongly than oxygen. metal/metal ion system and another system § Buffer solution - solution which resists changes in pH when 1 : a science that deals with the composition, structure, and properties of substances and with the transformations that they undergo. conditions (25°C, 1 a.t.m) § Standard enthalphy change of atomisation, Hatθ - enthalpy. It is a colourless, crystalline salt, used in some explosives. electrode, § Acid (BL Theory) - proton donor ], [A-] It is a drug which tends to induce sleep or unconsciousness, for example, morphine. Simply by learning these definitions you can give yourselves a huge boost in your A-Level Chemistry Unit 1! A highly poisonous liquid which vaporises easily and is sued in chemical warfare. Waste water from industry or the home is treated in several ways in order to make it fit again for use. § Electrode potential, E - the difference in potential between It prevents infections, decay and inhibits the action of microorganism. inorganic chemistry - study of chemistry of molecules of non-biological origin (not containing C-H bonds). A strong minerals acid used in medicinal preparations and in industry. an infinitely (very dilute) solution, § Standard enthalpy change of hydration, Hhydθ - enthalpy change A hard, insoluble white, colourless solid with a very high melting point. The movement of solvent (liquid) through a semipermeable membrane separating solutions of different concentrations. It is colourless, odourless, gaseous, non-metallic element. We use the unit of Kelvins for these readings. Contamination of the atmosphere caused by the discharge, accidental or deliberate, of a wide range of toxic substances.

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